I'm infuriated.

2022.01.26 07:17 Some_Ad8468 I'm infuriated.

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2022.01.26 07:17 sonlearn5 [FOR HIRE] I will curate, research and summarize all the novelties and news about subjects (anyone!) of your interest

You will be able to work, dedicate yourself to your hobbies and live your life without having to spend all day searching for what is useful on google, news sites and social media: I will do this for you for just 1,20$ a day.
- I have the whole day free, literally, and I will be researching and selecting what is most important according to your interests, gathering and passing it on to you.
- I'll make summaries, I'll be able to answer any questions you have about any subject. You choose, in real time or shorted in texts, and the best, every day!
Interested? just Dm me!
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2022.01.26 07:17 saleph 昭和初土俵の最後の力士、51歳華吹ら25人の引退を発表

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2022.01.26 07:17 tomsmiththrowaway10 Tania Sachdev

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2022.01.26 07:17 Obewyn We can’t afford to stop solar geoengineering research

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2022.01.26 07:17 Racerbreakdown456 New British F4 Car On Track at Brands

Virtuosi racing and ed Pearce on track at Brands in the new chassis. First team to try it on track in the UK.
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2022.01.26 07:17 Obewyn Apple pays $100,500 to cybersecurity student who found Mac webcam hack

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2022.01.26 07:17 raptor_ninja Smoking brats the day before grilling

For a birthday party at work, I would like to serve brats on a grill. But to give it a little extra touch. I was thinking about smoking them on a really low temp the night before (Thursday evening smoke, Friday evening grill).
Does anybody have any experience with this? Will it work? And so what time and temp do you recommend for a smoky flavour? Smoking an a GMG Peak prime.
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2022.01.26 07:17 Pista_de_elycoptere What is.... Pet owners, Have you ever heard your pet burp or fart?

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2022.01.26 07:17 Elvis_Onjiko MRW Every time Bitcoin Drops

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2022.01.26 07:17 Cool_kyle_Dude I found vereshchak in game!

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2022.01.26 07:17 Obewyn Accesso Technology Sees 2021 Revenue, Profits in Line With Guidance

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2022.01.26 07:17 MrsDaisy_ Monstera Pinnatiparta, cold damage from shipping. I took all the dead leafes and rottet roots off, now its in perlite under a grow light. Any more advice, i feel like it keeps rotting on the stem :(

Monstera Pinnatiparta, cold damage from shipping. I took all the dead leafes and rottet roots off, now its in perlite under a grow light. Any more advice, i feel like it keeps rotting on the stem :( submitted by MrsDaisy_ to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 07:17 AveryWashireat Soldier of Heaven

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2022.01.26 07:17 Zipanca [Frontier] Conqueror's Blade January 27 Update Log

[Frontier] Conqueror's Blade January 27 Update Log Conqueror's Blade - Conqueror's Blade January 27 Update Log - Steam News (steampowered.com)
Conqueror's Blade January 27 Update Log JAN. 27 UPDATE LOG
Hello, Warlords!
We will update the game during our maintenance on January 27th, which will last for 4 hours and run between 12:30-16:30 (UTC+8). After the maintenance we will give all players 12,000 Bronze Coins, 400 Honor, and 20 Unit Medals as compensation for any inconvenience caused. Be sure to arrange your time accordingly. The update will contain the following:
The Year of the Ox is now behind us as we welcome the Year of the Tiger. The [Tiger's Vigor] event is now coming with tons of rewards: [Tiger General] Attire Chest, Treatises, and random daily packs including New Year Lucky Bags and Red Envelopes! With these handsome rewards and great events, we wish you a great new year and plenty of victories! Please check the [Tiger's Vigor] event notice for more info.
I. SPRING FESTIVAL EVENT QUEST After the Tyrant's invasion, there are some strange folks wandering near the walls of Conqueror's City. They come from Yan, and they claim that the Yanhua gate in Jining city has been destroyed in war and must be repaired. But as was created a long, long time ago, they do not know what technique was used to create the bricks. Among their ranks are a general of Yan and a rich nobleman dressed in fancy clothes. Why don't you ask them why they have come?
II. WORLD MAP CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS We are making the following improvements to Fief Quests:
  • Now, when you earn artillery and luxury goods from fief quests, these will be placed into your Wagon if there is enough space. Otherwise, the rewards will be temporarily stored in the city's resource pile.
  • Added information to the Fief Quest menu that clearly elicits the bonus rewards and reward multipliers of quests.
  • Improved the items required for some fief quests. Tradeable artillery can now be submitted to [Fief Construction IV] quests requiring epic artillery.
  • Fixed an issue with the completion times and star levels of [Growing Tribute IV] quests requiring kits.
  • Added a lock icon in the upper right corner of non-tradeable artillery to the Fief Quests - Submission menu.
  • Improved the food bar display when marching on the World Map to increase clarity.
  • Now, resources from all regions can be refined in Conqueror's City.
  • Fixed an issue where fiefs belonging to Rosswild of the Borderlands would still belong to Kingdom of Rosswild after the Imperial Restorationists reclaimed them.
III. EXCAVATION CHANGES Added New Doctrines in the Carrion Bird's Banquet: No Quarter: Reduced damage taken from cavalry by 30% while using Brace. Advancing Bastion: Damage taken is reduced by 30% while charging. Added New Doctrines in the Field of Broken Lances: Rider's Folly: Deal 20% increased damage to cavalry units. Deal 20% reduced damage to ranged and melee infantry units.
IV. UPGRADED RANKED BATTLE REWARDS We are adjusting the weekly win and rank rewards of [Ranked Battle] to award those Warlords who perform well. Following this change, Warlords will be able to re-claim rewards based on their rank. New rewards:
V. BALANCE CHANGES [Shield of the Capital] Territory War Map Improvements: Improved the Territory War stages using the [Shield of the Capital] map. Added a respawn point closer to the front after the attacker occupies the center of the map. This means that the attackers' reinforcements can reach the battle quicker.
  • Reduced the eagle-eye perspective's (Z) cooldown to 1 second.
  • [Harbour City]: Slightly adjusted the location of the city's supply point, fixing the issue where units would get stuck outside the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Dual Blades] hero’s [Bandage] wouldn’t be interrupted by jumping after equipping the [Tiger's Fangs] rune.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking with the bow wouldn't cancel the animation after shooting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rattan Pikemen's later nodes in the [Unit Tree] that boosted Weakened time wouldn't take effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Houndsmen]'s [Sprint] skill would lose its effect if they interacted with a supply point.
  • Fixed an issue where deploying artillery on a slope would enable you to pass walls by using said artillery.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple duplicate messages would appear on the City list on the right side of the World Map when an allied city was declared war on by multiple houses.
  • Fixed an issue with the information displayed regarding volume for the epic Hwacha Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where Narfan didn't have a display of which fiefs it could be processed in.
  • Improved the quest text of the initial story quests.
  • Corrected the Golden Rocks badge's quality from iron to silver.
  • Corrected the quest description of the Houndsmen Season Challenges' second stage to attain Hat-Trick or A Deadly Century badges, instead of only the Hat-Trick badge.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Iron Reapers]'s Prerequisites and Progress overlapped in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the head part of the [Archons' Sons (Sealed)] clashed when worn by the 3 [Highlanders] season units.
  • Improved the visuals of some menus and texts.
VII. Hero Balance Changes [Pike Hero] After checking player feedback and analyzing data, the pike hero's [Wandering Dragon] invulnerability window exceeds our expectations. It currently performs too well and is too difficult to play against. So, we have decided to make the following changes: [Wandering Dragon] Reduced the invulnerability window of all stages to 0.3 seconds (was 0.5 seconds). [Sky Dragon]: Adjusted the damage of the second phase to 150% base blunt damage + 1,433 points of blunt damage (was 175% and 1,183 points). [Sky Dragon]: Adjusted the damage of the third phase to 170% base blunt damage + 2,218 points of blunt damage (was 200% and +1,868 points). We will continue to keep an eye on the performance of the various professions and continue to improve the game. We will also work on displaying CC immunity and similar effects with visual and other effects in future versions.
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2022.01.26 07:17 Truaqia I thought my boss was a nice guy.

I'm a yard driver at a warehouse and have worked here for about 4 years. I have a CDL and this job started out temporarily only expecting to stay a few months. I got comfortable and realized how easy this job was. I was paid 24$ per hour and maybe worked 2 hours of of my 12 hour shift (worked 3 days per week). I've found other local companies paying a good share more, but I met a friend at work....a cat. Started off just by feeding it some lunch meat eventually starting to bring cat food and fed her regularly. Fast forward a few years I spent most my shift with the cat and she rode around with me most of my shift. It was the sole reason I never missed a day of work. I felt like if I missed work my friend would go hungry.
Then last week. I have a yearly review with my boss and it's the 2nd year without a raise for no reason. This wasn't really unexpected. I tell my boss jokingly he's lucky I've made friends with a cat otherwise I'd quit and go to a company that is willing to pay more.. My boss seemed like a nice guy. We always got along amd never had any issues asides from minor complaints about pay and a few safety issues which we always worked out. The boss always spoke highly of me and never had an issue with him.
Then this week come in cats gone. Nowhere near where she usually hangs out which is never happens. She is always there waiting for food. Took me a few hours of asking around and the cat was taken to a shelter. Called the shelter, and she was put down for health reasons. The shelter said the cat wasn't given up as a lost or stray but was told the cat was an outside cat that had medical issues. So they put the cat down.
I called the boss and was told the cat was causing damage to the business....which was a lie. He was confused when I told him I quit. I would of literally just taken the cat home if he gave me a warning. I already have a few jobs interviews lined up and I'll be reemployed within a few weeks with a higher paying job. Just really sucks to lose a friend to these pricks.
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2022.01.26 07:17 2builderss2tools Millie Bobby Brown Just Said the Sweetest Thing About Sadie Sink’s Performance in the “All Too Well” Short Film

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2022.01.26 07:17 Ickso_Fatso Week 5 Run 3

I did week 5 run 1 last night and it was ok, but tough towards the end of the last 5 minute run. However, I looked ahead and week 5 run 3 is a 20 minute run with no breaks? That’s a massive massive jump up from only 5/8 minutes running max so far ? I’m feeling anxious that I won’t be able to do it. This is my third time attempting the couch to 5K and the furthest I have ever gotten with the program. Each time I have quit was after failing to complete a run. I am also really confused as to why the program has been designed this way? Looking later into the program, week 8 is 3 x 28 min runs and then week 9 is 3 x 30 mins. Wouldn’t it make more sense if week 8 was 3 runs of 15 mins then a break then a further 15 mins? What’s the difference between running for 28 mins and running for 30 mins?
Those of you who have completed week 5 run 3, how did you find it? Do you have any tips?
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2022.01.26 07:17 Obewyn FDAnews Announces Designing Secure Medical Devices: Building Cybersecurity into the Development Process Management Report | News

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2022.01.26 07:17 International_Buy_56 Missing my lost love

Important info: This story ranges from age 18-present and contains descriptions about times in my life from birth till age 18 for context and to assist understanding of my situation as its very complex.
OP: Male 20 “Katelyn” Female: 21 Relationship length: 1 year start to finish Story covers: 1 year of dating - present
Hi. I am writing this from my bed at 3:30am before I have college classes at 10am. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about the girl I used to love (still feel like I am in Love with her even thought I feel stupid saying it and I feel like i should be saying “I love what we had”). I just simply feel incomplete. I am a 20 yr old male and my life has been very turbulent for the past few years and any kind words, recommendations, advice, or someone telling me to go try again or not to for whatever reasons would be so wonderful. I am going to explain in detail…
First I am going to start with some background on the turbulence in my life. My mother and father provided me with a a very nice life for my childhood. Even though my dad was (and still is) a serial cheater and likely has a personality disorder, he was a hard worker and ran a small business that was and still is mildly successful. My mother is a very loving and caring women, a lot more warm than my dad. There had always been tension in our household due to the difficulties of running a business (dad was hardly ever around and when he was he never was the type to throw a football around with me or actually be a father granted he did provide for me financially which i am forever grateful for) and from the cheating which my mother would inform me about which hurt to think about honestly. My mom and dad disagreed on how to spend money and a whole host of other things which ultimately lead to my father cheating, moving out, and then doing everything in his power to financially ruin my mother (whom I lived with) and then to their divorce when I was about 16.
I wont go into severe detail regarding this next chapter. When I started to realize the gravity of the situation my sixteen year old brain decided that it would solve this problem by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and lead to drug use (keep in mind i was a straight laced kid who had dropped my pot head friend simply because he smoked weed in 8th grade (in retrospect this might still have been a good idea 🤣) ). I began changing from the “all American boy” as my mom used to call me as i had tons of hobbies, was highly charismatic, lots of friends and attractive girlfriends, and big goals in life - basically i was the golden child. I started to get confused about life and where mine was going as i grew into my adult body and many of my friends stopped being my friends as I felt really weird in this time period and I guess they thought so too Lol. I started becoming the pothead (still am till this day) that i used to strongly dislike. I started smoking weed very heavy (as a crutch, trust me I know when weed is a crutch and when im doing it for fun/relaxation) and doing everything in my power to find things that fucked me up and people to get fucked up with me. The alcohol and weed eventually lead to a quicker decline in my mental health and a quick search for more potent drugs as I became fascinated by the feelings and craved them (I had tried everything short of heroin and crack by my senior year of high school). I started taking my inner turmoil out on my mother (whom I love dearly) instead of my father who caused the mess.
I tried counseling and what not but it was not successful because at the time I didn’t even understand the concept of mental health and society had succeeded at drilling into my brain that men really shouldnt cry, or be emotional, or sad so instead i resorted to anger, aggression, irritability, and neutrality when I was not in an awful mood. Only times I would be happy or excited in my teenage years is when I was out doing drugs with my friends, its painful to admit really. I was extremely unhappy in life and all the stress that divorce and college and life in general was producing at the time made me regularly suicidal (although i never acted and hardly ever told anyone). The drugs started to create legal problems for me too as I was caught on the beach with my friends xanax and my personal jar of 20gs of good bud at a time in Virginia when that much weed was a felony. Luckily i was 17 and my record got sealed.
senior year to college I was 18 my senior year. Started smoking vape and cigarettes cuz the stress was just too damn much in life. My father started working me like a horse (created my fantastic work ethic that follows me today and i will forever appreciate that) from age 12 and by 18, the monotony of life combined w working my ass off for what? was driving me nuts. By the end of that summer though, I left for a top rated party college in northwestern Virignia, hoping my problems wouldnt follow me, and that I would have a clean slate as I had heard high school teachers tell me to expect. Well, they followed me and this is where the actual story begins…
p.s thank you for reading that^ it will help you understand my mental process for the actual story^ also all that up there by no means is all of the stressors and problems that were going on. Just the main ones in gist format. Terrible manipulation from my close friends and backstabbing also were huge problems for me as i felt and still feel so alone.
My first day at college, I checked this group chat that had been formed a few weeks before classes started on snapchat where I had seen this pretty girl post a lot very actively in it and i actually thought she was a bit of a clown and over the top, i didnt know what to expect from these academic females at a party school. Anyways, that girl, who I will call Katelyn for the sake of anonymity, messaged that snapchat group (30 people in it including me and her) “does anyone want to get food with me at e hall” (e hall was a popular dining hall right next to my dorms). I quickly replied as I was sitting in my room by myself trying to sound funny to my new peers “nope, no one wants to go eat with you”. and before she even read the message I responded again “Jk I will go with you” cause i instantly felt horrible (even though i was going to go eat with her regardless after she saw the joke). We went out to eat and really hit it off. I WAS AMAZED BY HER. She was sexy, intelligent, outgoing as FUCK, funny, and most importantly she was a girl who was choosing to spend her time with me.
After talking and getting to know eachother a tiny bit (as we had been with eachother now for no more than an hour) we decided we wanted to go to a frat party during that first week of straight partying before classes started.
We went out. My intention was to have sex with her. She wanted to too I think (still dont know for sure till this day) but made a nasty comment about dick size requirement (7inches) which i knew i failed to meet, so I said “I am disgusted that you would say that and I am leaving”. I walked 45 minutes back to my dorm and said fuck that chick.
the next day, she came knocking at my door asking to get food and hangout. seeing that i still had no new friends, was alone im my dorm, and i was still attracted to her looks, i said fuck it and hung out with her.
We hung out…. fast forward …. she fucked my friend that lived in my hall and i didnt care cuz i considered her my friend. fast forward again and things get spicy.
Katelyn, after the drama of her little fling with my floormate and friend, drunkenly called me from a dorm on the floor beneath me and asked me to pick her up. Once I picked her up she told me she wanted to fuck me. I waited until she wasnt drunk and then we fucked. Next day she was flirting with me and saying i did a good job and was playfully rating the sex before she went out to another party (i was staying in and drinking with some of the guys on my floor that i had became friends with). When she returned we met up and hung-out with everyone on my floor for a while and then looked at eachother simultaneously as everyone was half asleep and said “ you tryna fuck again”. We fucked again. It was even better the second time. My floormates were all so excited when we hooked up because they had secretly been calling us a married couple because we did EVERYTHING together even though we werent dating or anything.
Fast forward and we are dating. I fell in love quick cause I already loved her thru our friendship. So did she. We slept over in the tiny twin dorm beds every night of freshman year except a couple days once when I said “katelyn i kind of want to sleep in my own bed cause its so cramped” …. that lasted all of 2 days and we never parted again in regards to sleeping. We met for every meal. We met inbetween classes. We met inbetween classes to have sex. We went everywhere with eachother. We were inseparable.
This is when my personal problems started to affect my new found love.
My friend that had also attended the college me and katelyn were at, who i thought was looking out for my best interests, shit talked her till the day we broke up. He made me question her character regularly. and ultimately thru his influence, I began to manipulate her through threatening to break up with her if she didnt stop doing things to annoy me (as like i said, she can be over the top, and some may even call her crazy). This led to a string of 4 fake breakups that would eventually cause the real breakup.
she forgave me each time. and wanted me enough to put up with it as she “saw the good in me” (i know its there too and thats why I am writing this, my good was covered up by all the negative of the last few years, and i am starting to feel better now).
fast forward and covid hits: we both go home, me to virginia beach, and my college girlfriend…. ONLY 45min drive away to a little shit hole of a town by newport news (Lol its actually nice i just didnt like it there). we hung out every day or every other day. I would drive to her 3 or 4 times a week and her to me 3 or 4 times a week. we would sleepover each time. This started taking a tole on the relationship as it was a lot of traveling (even though the distance wasnt far, the amount we NEEDED to see eachother made it very time consuming). We had spats and stuff but she eventually made me realize that I loved the fuck out of her, i didnt care what anyone thought, and I was going to stop my bullshit and treat her how she deserved (she warned me that when she was gone I would miss her so bad and boy was she right).
I really did begin to change and try and make up for my past manipulation and wrongdoings.
I slipped up one day though, and told her a little white lie about me going to sleep early for work in the morning (she was at her house, i was in vb). Truthfully, i went to my friends bday party down the street and my ex gf was there (WE ACTUALLY WERE FRIENDS AND NEVER HAD A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, although now i realize that I loved katelyn so much that if that made her sad Then it was worth it to just avoid it). Katelyn called one of my friends and asked where I was…. long story short. she found out and broke up with me over it. I got into a nasty phone call with her dad who was questioning my whereabouts with katelyn also on the line in tears and i drunkenly was screaming at him. I think this ruined it in my opinion. I still feel bad about the way i handled this, even though it was inappropriate for him to call me cause i had specifically asked katelyn to not tell her parents our personal business.
I didnt take it seriously for like 5 days and then called her begging to take me back. She kinda did.
I had a mental breakdown and beat some guy up the next time we hungout that was set off by the culmination of my life stressors going on in the background.
After this, i left for texas for my job. One night on the 5 day trip, i texted her that i loved her and i wanted to marry her one day, and i started sending her pictures of little properties that i was looking at for our future together. she said she loved me too.
the next morning, i texted her goodmorning and got no response for hours.
i texted her again.
and again. and again. Then frantically wondering what was wrong.
I got on snapchat to see if i could see if she was on there…
she was…
she posted a picture of her with another guy and made a comment that was directly towards me (she said something along the lines: “hes just my friend my 3rd grade” as i had told her (truthfully) about my friends bday party that i had gone to and gotten into serious trouble with her a month before.
as soon as i saw the snapchat on her snap story, she blocked me, and then one by one blocked me on everything. Text, snap, insta, facebook, twitter, you name it.
I spent the next few weeks struggling to get out of bed and trying to figure out a non stalkerish way to talk to her. I messaged her bestfriend to no avail. and decided it was just best to leave her alone and suffer in silence.
fast forward to my sophomore year. I hadnt spoken to her in 5 months or so at this point. I was still extremely depressed and was actually finally successfully arrested after getting into a fight and required to be drug and alcohol tested. I had to quit smoking weed and i could only drink every other week to allow the alcohol enough time to process out of my system before my drug tests. This turned me into even more of a mess as alcohol started becoming my closest friend, and i started blacking out all the time.
fast forward a little and I hatched an idea about how i would talk to her without being a stalker. I borrowed one of my friends phones that had her on snapchat still and I pretyped a message out on my phone, texted it to his phone, copy and pasted it into snap so she had to see it all at once.
she saw it and began responding…
she stopped responding…
i get a message from her bestfriend saying to come over and talk to her which instantly caused me to have a panic attack.
I went over to her house and laid my heart out to her and she told me she couldnt take me back. I could tell her bestfriend wanted her to take me back as she had always liked me.
fast forward… i felt better that i got some closure. but that was only temporary. She actually called me drunkenly one night and started ripping into me about how I wasnt good enough for her and how i should have treated her right. I agreed with her and eventually had to be the one to hang up because she just kept rambling and repeating insults.
The last time i saw this girls face is stained in my memory. I was riding down the black diamond at massanutten and looked over and met her eyes for a brief second. and that was it. Now I am laying here in my bed at 4:45 thinking about that face.
She wasnt perfect. I left out a lot of the things that she did to get back at me because this isnt about her mistakes, its about mine and how i would put up with her mistakes for the rest of my life if given the chance. I miss her. endlessly. I havent met anyone like her. I would have died for her if needed. I miss her love. I love her still and its been almost 2 years since we broke up. I dont know what to do.
my options in my mind are: 1. text her: i believe in the right person wrong time and if you gave me a chance to tell you my story, all of the things about me that made me into the good man who treated you poorly, that i never told you cause i was so confused myself at the time (she made a post on twitter recently about how she doesnt believe in the right person wrong time and i honestly think it was about me) and see if she responds 2. text her something more simple like: hey i just want to talk or hey do you wanna grab food sometime 3. let bygones be bygones and move on cause there really is nothing i should say or could say to make her rethink it 4. anything else yall come up with that can get me that beautiful wondeful woman back
Thank you for reading. If you have any advice please please let me know.
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2022.01.26 07:17 colontwisted Umm, why is my shrine different from what was posted for this week??

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2022.01.26 07:17 Top_Location Vamos CARAJO!

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2022.01.26 07:17 FluffyBun_50 Wolf! (My art)

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2022.01.26 07:17 Obewyn Backdoor.Win32.DRA.c Weak Hardcoded Password – Torchsec

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2022.01.26 07:17 drtdrtdrt123 If you could have any player in their prime in your FPL team who would you choose?

We are in the deadzone of FPL at the moment, so thought I would start a bit of a discussion. Any player, past or present, and from any league. Who would you trust to get you the most points? Messi is probably the obvious choice, but I think I would go for Koeman. Would probably be classified as a defender and got over 200 goals in his career.
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