2021.12.04 03:47 2001barora DELOITTE HIREVUE INTERVIEW

I have an upcoming Hirevue 30 min recorded video interview and I was wondering if someone who worked previously for the audit position at Deloitte remembers any specific challenging questions they asked?

Any information would be super helpful. Thanks !!
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2021.12.04 03:47 dshbak Real fuel efficiency

I live in Japan and bought a brand new 2021 Grom this past summer. It's advertised as getting 65km/L, which I can easily obtain if I'm just cruising at 65kph.
I'm about 100kg. When i hit twisty roads and am ragging the thing out, I get that fuel economy down to 34km/L. Basically maxed out doing 80-100kph the whole time (depending on terrain).
I have ambitions for fuel efficient, cross country touring. Obviously this will involve carrying even more weight.
What are some bikes with notable fuel efficiency at ~85kph the whole time, with a load of about 160kg+ (if I have a passenger)?
I have a 98 CB1300SF and averaged almost 20km/L with a full load of camping shit and a passenger over a 1 week tour. Realizing that the Grom would not even be able to maintain 70kph with those loads, i'm now redefining my search of fuel efficiency beyond the basically useless advertised WMTC mode fuel efficiency rating.
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2021.12.04 03:47 TheDaileyGamer The true Definitive Collection

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2021.12.04 03:47 OrickJagstone Offline mode progress breaking bug.

So I'm assuming this either has to do with the server outage or the unreal engine crash I experienced shortly there after but I'm unable to gain rewards for the second mission.
What happened is after completing the second mission I didn't get the mission rewards and on the base menu it said that the mission was still in progress because there was a player on the planet. That player is me, but listed as me at level four not my current level 12. I tried to "leave prospects" on the character selection screen but nothing happened. I then played the entire mission again from scratch and the same thing happened, no rewards, and it listed that the other mission was still ongoing.
Now im hesitant to do anything else because I don't want to bust my ass for no reward.
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2021.12.04 03:47 confused_transboy well this isn’t xeno related but idk who else i can ask

I want to coin a term called apaboy or something. Basically just gender apathetic/apagender but still connected to boy ig
unless this already exists
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2021.12.04 03:47 Ruben_Costa12 Help

Can you play outriders offline solo or is it not possible?
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2021.12.04 03:47 Present-Call-3781 NookToken Token ($NKT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.

NookToken Token ($NKT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism. NookToken Token ($NKT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.
While holders are rewarded with reflections from each transaction we also automatically reward community members that help to build the coin.

The first BSC token of its kind. Every $NKT holder can invite people to join the coin.
When you send a small amount of $NKT to someone, you are their inviter and will be rewarded as they join and invest in the token.
This directly rewards the community members that actively help us grow $NKT !

This is an international project with a core Chinese development team working alongside
a UK based crypto team that are helping to build the English-language community, marketing,
and competitions. We truly believe this coin could be the next big thing. We are unique,
focused on rewarding our active community, have international reach, and most importantly  .
Seriously tho – we have huge plans for this coin. We are currently promoting with adverts live on PooCoin and …..!

This coin is perfect for TwitteReddit competitions – so if you like Airdrops this coin is going to go crazy in the near future!

TOKENOMICS: A 10% Tax is charged on each transaction: 4% added to LOCKED LP 2% reflections of each transaction go to holders

Now let's get . $NKT holders are rewarded automatically when they help to bring others to join.
By sharing just 10k $NKT to addresses which have not been invited yet, you will be their inviter.
As thanks for bringing them to our community you'll be rewarded 2.4% distributed to inviter 1.6% distributed
to inviter's inviter Instant rewards building NookToken


💬 Telegram:

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.12.04 03:47 localbitnice About us

Our young and motivated team in the start-up is working on this project since 2018. We are familiar with the cryptocurrency market. We are working with people in different professions from all over the world in a decentralized way to make the unpleasant pleasant, we use innovation with the democratized approach. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies all over the world and Blockchain and cryptocurrencies being an emergent field, average people are not familiar with its functions. In this regard, to increase the awareness among people all over the globe in this field, we introduced the platform of LocalBitNice to analyze the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies which is the main service. We aim to become a complete platform in the area of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies LocalBitNice is a Platform that Analyses and Assesses the Health of Blockchain and cryptocurrency Projects, Exchange and Crypto Assistant are Coming Soon...
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2021.12.04 03:47 pastafaz Me and the wife.

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2021.12.04 03:47 DrLaquisha Sol/something else seems to be broken

The game for some reason has a yellow tint like iracing does and installing csp and sol should of fixed it but hasn't. My game looks like was not always like this, im not sure what changed
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2021.12.04 03:47 Prosciutto_Papi Can I pump 156 strength into hammerdin?

I made spirit from a monarch instead of a paladin shield. Would it ruin my build to go 156 str and not wait for enigma that I might never get anyway?
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2021.12.04 03:47 jjcoolj77 Worried about the future

My biggest fear is I become a billionaire off this coin and spend all my tokens on content 😭😭🤣🤣
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2021.12.04 03:47 YoungBaws Jim Cramer today on Wish: “We actually think this company is a decent company, and they're throwing it away. I mean look, you buy it at $3, can it go to zero? I guess so, but it's a good spec [speculation]”.

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2021.12.04 03:47 YetiShmetie Comment down your weight and find your weight twin

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2021.12.04 03:47 Jintakauhra Am I overthinking this?

After math class in the halls the girl that used to sit behind me last quarter (which I’ve talked to like 4 times) comes from behind me and asks for my number and she gives me her phone. I honestly don’t know why she asked me out of the blue, I was thinking it for math questions but I started second guessing that for some reason.
What do y’all think? Am I thaw weird one?
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2021.12.04 03:47 willieyobslayer I love the Russian translations. Let’s go Savages!

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2021.12.04 03:47 Cephalon_Scarz Do we think this sub can generate enough hype to get this? Where my One Piece and TTRPG fans?

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2021.12.04 03:47 optimisticteengirl Does anyone else feel touch starved?

I cried myself to sleep last night because I feel so lonely and frustrated. I broke up with my ex girlfriend because she stopped touching me totally, no holding hands or kissing. I figured I could start dating someone else who could meet my needs, but I realized that I’m not interested in anyone at my school.
I think I’m going to try booking a massage. Any other tips? My family doesn’t like hugging. :(
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2021.12.04 03:47 afrobashbro Why are so many survivers toxic?

I have like 100 hours in the game as killer and most of my games have been against the same mix of 6 or so perks(mostly borrowed time and dead hard and boon of healing I think it's called) everyone has flashlights and toolboxes constant teabagging, flashlighting and taughting at exit gates and all-around pretty toxic players.
2-3 gens are done by the first time I get a down I recently learned 3 survivor's can body block a hook so I can't get too it.
And apparently survivors on my shoulder can drop pallets on me just to teabag then dead hard and get away.
I'm still learning but I'm ready to stop playing this game entirely :/
Why do survivors do this? Im not even mad anymore I'm disappointed.
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2021.12.04 03:47 ZoolShop Wild weather: Blizzard warning issued for Hawaii

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2021.12.04 03:47 Puzzled_External8629 I don't know what to do

TW: brief mention of SA and suicidal thoughts
I am struggling with so many medical issues along with weight problems due to PCOD, I have a rocky relationship with my antidepressants and I am just so so tired. Its so hard for me to do anything. I don't understand my mom, she understands me enough to let me get help but that's where her udrstanding stops. I wake up, I'm getting told off by her. I get that me not being an active helper in household chores pisses her off but its not like she has to do all of it alone, we have helpers and ugh she's frustrated over my younger brother and other stuff and I feel that just makers her angrier at me. my father doesn't give two shits, despite being a doctor, he thinks i haven't gone through anything that would make me get this way (funnily enoughi have, from SA to bullying to suicidal thoughts ive had them all) matter how much I try I can't make anyone understand that "depression" doesn't mean crying 24/7...getting out of bed is so hard. I am so tired of fighting with my mom, she's overbearing, she wants everything done HER way, even my healing process has to be the way she likes it. I struggle to reach out because i have been told that my problems make other people sad and troubled and I don't want anyone to feel forced into listening to me. I suppose that's why I'm here venting, sorry if like none of that made sense 💀
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2021.12.04 03:47 TheSilentTitan Is there a mod that lets you fire off more than one arrow each time you draw?

For example you pull back the string and instead of 1 arrow being thrown, a bunch or arrows shoot off in different directions basically turning it into an arrow shotgun.
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2021.12.04 03:47 JosephStalin1953 it's gonna feel so good to close all these tabs once my finals are done

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2021.12.04 03:47 Fuffy_Art More of WeirdCore Andy because I love his design 👁

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2021.12.04 03:47 bratanim Bi yorum ne kadar iyi komik falan da olsa -1'e dustukten sonra yarra yiyor ha yeterki iki kisi down atsin amk

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