How to spend time together in LDR?

2021.12.04 03:45 rinesnls How to spend time together in LDR?

Hello! We've been in LDR for quite a while now, I was just wondering what tips can you give to make the relationship more stronger despite not being able to see each other? Like the things we can do together in Long distance relationship so we can still keep the love on us. Thank you, this would be a big help for me.
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2021.12.04 03:45 kulmthestatusquo Will there be anything for those who are not within the 1% of wealth, IQ or intellegence? No

The world has to realize that the difference between the elites and the rest are so great that they are, for all practical purposes, different species.
Of course, there will be more . More exploration, more advancement of civilization, more wealth and Civilization 2.0.

However, all of the gains will be monopolized by the top 1% of wealth, intelligence and influence, with nothing for the rest.

The days of trickle down have ended forever. The elites can live without the rest, and will separate themselves from the general population forever. Their stocks and property prices will increase forever, with nothing for the general population who will be increasingly marginalized and eventually culled.
Elysium will look like a happily-ever-after fantasy as today's top permanently separates themselves with the rest eternally.

Rebellions and protests will be dealt with the ultimate harshness.

The sheikdoms in Arabia give no rights to general population, and even less for the guest workers. Its leaders invest in a bunch of projects to advance civilization, and give absolutely nothing to the subjects who do not contribute.

Yet they have nothing to fear from the people, since it can be said that they live in different worlds.

JP soothes the minds of the unnecessariats and conforms with the laws of the elites, but since he is liked by many elites, he has moved into those who will benefit from the Future.

The world would have reached that stage in 1914 if a few idiots, who thought they were defending their countries and doing their 'duty', did not fuck up the Great war and gave Germany a fast win, setting up the social structure for good and robbing any chances for the city poor and the colonials, for ever.

It took 1 century to reverse the changes wrought by these idiots. Survival of the Richest is set in stone, no matter what the political situation might end up.

In fact, it might be better for most of the world's non-elites to do what the Amerinds did often after the Conquest - national suicide. To save the pain of living an eternal life of insecurity, lack of any roots since the rents in areas with jobs will be way beyond the reach of the non elites who will have to spend 3 hours, each way, bused into the big city like the workers of Bombay (I don't care whatever name the natives there call the city. Bombay is Bombay.) are experiencing for quite a while.

Charles Munger, who recently designed a dorm building without windows himself for a University who actually built it true to his specifications, did say that life for the non elites will stink.

For ever.


There will be no way out, no matter how truefully the non elites practice JP's principles.

Game is over.
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2021.12.04 03:45 Kendalsucks {H} Ghost Rare Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon {W} Paypal [US-MI]

Looking For 85% TCG Player. Buyer pays fees I'll cover tracking.
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2021.12.04 03:45 crytoloover Chipz $chpz Chart, Price and Contract

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2021.12.04 03:45 BigbyInc Activision Blizzard forbidden from attending The Game Awards, nominations still allowed

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2021.12.04 03:45 gaden541 Is my teacher right?

Today my teacher said being a nice person doesn’t get you far in life. At first I thought it was stupid what she said but she kinda got a point. What do y’all think?
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2021.12.04 03:45 gvongies WTS Western Rise Airloft Jacket & UFT

Up for sale:

  1. Western Rise Airloft Hooded Jacket, black, size M, currently out of stock on the site. Worn a couple times and is in great condition. Comes with original tag (not pictured). SV: $215
Hoodie: https://flic.ks/aHsmXhtQXV
  1. Outlier UFT Cut One, grey light, size M. Picked this up from another respected member to try. Has some holes (pictured), slight discoloration at the pits, and length shrinkage. Still one of the most comfortable shirts I've experienced. SV: $40
UFT: https://flic.ks/aHsmXboGP7
Prices include shipping or take them both for $235 shipped CONUS via USPS, payment via paypal f&f/ paypal g&s (add 4%)/ venmo/ zelle. Feel free to PM any questions, thanks!
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2021.12.04 03:45 xoxoZatanxoxo Diablo, 11, a Greek God himself.

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2021.12.04 03:45 tiberiumx Disadvantages of eSIM?

My new pixel 6 pro didn't want to recognize my Fi SIM (that had been working fine in a Pixel XL and a Pixel 3 XL) during the initial setup, so I set it up with wifi and then used the Fi app to set up the eSIM. Seems to be working well so far.
Is there any disadvantage to eSIM? I tend to do a lot of international travel for work (which is why I love Fi), so is there any reason that it wouldn't be as reliable on random cell networks around the world?
The Wikipedia article for eSIM suggests that it's identical in function to a regular SIM card, just software reprogrammable. So I'm hoping that the answer is no.
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2021.12.04 03:45 Robin__Wong She loves cardboard boxes

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2021.12.04 03:45 GreenNapster Crucial P5 1TB 3D NAND NVMe $90 [Deal Price: $90.00]

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2021.12.04 03:45 thedesihornyone Bengali tuition teacher-student XXX video

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2021.12.04 03:45 ChuckleheadPro Put my vest on Yaaaaah

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2021.12.04 03:45 sellingbleachtoheat Fuck it 💞

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2021.12.04 03:45 snkde Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath, Black $48

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2021.12.04 03:45 Elpapugrasoso XD?

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2021.12.04 03:45 Mystic_Manticore Feat - Light Armor Master

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2021.12.04 03:45 ElmiraKadiev Walk the walk

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2021.12.04 03:45 berserker10023 Selling for $5 cashapp

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2021.12.04 03:45 chiefexecutiveprime Guided Meditation YOU ARE GOD

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2021.12.04 03:45 PlanetToday Fluffy curd cake with semolina by Neringa. Grease the baking pan with butter, sprinkle the bread crumbs and pour in the prepared mass. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 190C for about 40 minutes. Enjoy! 4. Note: You can add some raisins to the batter before baking.

Fluffy curd cake with semolina by Neringa. Grease the baking pan with butter, sprinkle the bread crumbs and pour in the prepared mass. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 190C for about 40 minutes. Enjoy! 4. Note: You can add some raisins to the batter before baking. submitted by PlanetToday to PlanetToday [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 03:45 SwedishLime My Day 3 Part 2 recursive solution for those interested!

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2021.12.04 03:45 depressed--pigeon Advanced Warfare weapons

So I recently returned to playing advanced warfare and realized that there are a TON of cool weapons in aw that would be dope to have but here are some of the cool ones. Which do yall think should be added?
View Poll
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2021.12.04 03:45 hyfr814 Blow a load to my wife’s big titties PM me

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2021.12.04 03:45 erer1243 Currently, it's December 4, 2021 at 01:45AM

Currently, it's December 4, 2021 at 01:45AM
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