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Help me!

2021.12.04 04:55 Spectrum_Nebuk Help me!

So I’m 15 (M) and I’m straight (well that’s what I thought) until I realised that since I’ve watched more and more porn and jerked of like crazy (ever though I’ve tried to stop) I’m getting attracted to guys (well not guys ew I hate how we look and the dick ewww but it’s just that I once tried shoving something up my asshole after some online researching as I was curious how anal felt like ,it was weird and hurt at first but after some tries I started to like it and I can’t stop! I want to because there r many harms of it aswell and also I want to stop jerking off as a whole but I can’t! It’s taking me over, I used to be a straight A student but now my grades r dropping I’m scared wtf! HELP!
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2021.12.04 04:55 klend_camilo Extra attack is stakeable

if i make a fighter with enough level to have "extra attack" and after that i do barbaro multiclass to acquire another extra attack can i attack 3 times in one turn?
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2021.12.04 04:55 MemeMaker68420 Uno Reverse

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2021.12.04 04:55 st444rgirl is there something wrong with me? why am i only attracted to older men?

i (f18) always find myself infatuated with older men, my friends think it's weird and they've stated how wrong it is for me to engage with men who are significantly older than me. but i cant seem to help it, right now i have a crush on someone who is 23, and before that it's been even older men, like 30+ yr old GROWN men.. i cant explain what it is about it, but i'm just not attracted to boys around my age. i've found them to be so immature and ridiculous in the past. my first relationship lasted 3 weeks and ever since then i have just not been able to connect with anyone my age. i just want to know if it is inherently wrong of me to seek out relationships with men that are so much older than me? or if anyone feels the same way? :(
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2021.12.04 04:55 Assguy69420 Everytime

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2021.12.04 04:55 Smooth-Mortgage-5136 Mein Chef kümmert sich eigenhändig um eine Gehaltserhöhung für mich beim ChefChef?! Echt jetzt? Was soll man davon halten?

Folgendes Telefonat hatte ich letztens mit meinem Chef: (Durchsprache eines Projekts, dann, zwischendrin:)
Chef: ach, ich hab mim ChefChef gesprochen, dass wir da noch was für dich machen, für ihn okay, aber das Budget muss er noch freigegeben bekommen.
Ich: Hä, von was redest du?
C: Achso, ja jetzt bist halt schon 1,5 Jahre dabei, oder ... oder wann bist du gleich nochmal gekommen? Egal, naja jedenfalls hab ich mit ihm gesprochen, ist ja Wahnsinn was du so alles wegstemmst, von dem her, dachte ich sag dir das grad mal zwischen Tür und Angel, wenn wir im Büro sind, kommen wir ja auch nicht unbedingt dazu und für die grosse Runde ist das jetzt auch nix, also wie gesagt, das wird klar gehen, was ich mir so vorgestellt hab, ChefChef meint auch, aber wie gesagt das Budget muss erst noch freigegeben werden, aber damit du es schon gehört hast.
I: Ääh, ok, cool! Ääh, danke?!
Man muss dazu sagen, dass ich von meiner Seite aus keine Erhöhung auch nur angedacht hatte, war bisher mit meinem Gehalt wirklich sehr zufrieden. Macht mich trotzdem etwas stutzig. So ein proaktives Vorgehen vom Vorgesetzten kannte ich bisher überhaupt nicht, normalerweise bewegt sich da ja erst was wenn man selbst dafür kämpft. Bin damals zu meiner gewünschten maximalen Gehaltsvorstellung gleich eingestellt worden (ohne gross verhandeln zu müssen) und dachte mir damals: Mist, wenn das so einfach geht hatte ich doch gleich mehr verlangen sollen. Aber war und ist auch so ein extrem gutes Gehalt, für mich zumindest. Freilich freue ich mich. Bzgl. Der Höhe der Gehaltserhöhung hab ich gar nicht nachgefragt, da war ich erstmal zu perplex. Bin ja Mal gespannt was da so rumkommt...
Habt ihr auch schonmal so eine Erfahrung machen können? Oder musstet ihr immer (und so kenne ich es eigentlich) hart kämpfen für eine Gehaltserhöhung? Und was haltet ihr von der Vorgehensweise meines Chefs? Will der mich jetzt mit +150€ abspeisen, damit ich in den nächsten Jahren keine Erhöhung mehr anfragen kann? Oder mit welcher Spanne meint ihr kann ich rechnen? +5% bis +15%?
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2021.12.04 04:55 Ziryio Ignorant

It’s funny how ignorant people can be sometimes. I’ve had people call me ‘lucky’ because I have to have special accommodations. Like, dude, I’d give up both my legs to get rid of this shit.
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2021.12.04 04:55 That-Artichoke1262 What should I practice?

I'm not sure if this is gonna be a stupid question, but I've been on and off playing the guitar for a while. I've been on sort of a hiatus for the past year, but I want to play more, but I don't have money for lessons and I have no idea what to do next or what to look for online. I know a few basic scales and I've learned a few song parts but it doesn't feel like I'm progressing any more in learning how to play. Help pls if you can
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2021.12.04 04:55 Spiritual-Specific91 Tongue 👅🤤

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2021.12.04 04:55 tryhard755 Trading inv

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2021.12.04 04:55 YoureAWizardHarry13 Add for daily gifts! 9433 8075 2858

Hey guys! My friend is new to Pokémon Go and needs some friends! He only has three (including my 5-year-old daughter and I). Thanks in advance!!!
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2021.12.04 04:55 NewsElfForEnterprise Austrian doctor fined for amputating wrong leg

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2021.12.04 04:55 Soda-Black Suvrvive multiplayer server java and mcpe players! If you on console you sadly can’t join

If your on console you might be able to join if a mobile friend invites you to the server Possibly. this server has rules no griefing… thats it- add me on discord we’ll talk their soda black#3905
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2021.12.04 04:55 im-always-injured What are some of the worst travel decisions to make?

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2021.12.04 04:55 n0de Codec changed recently?

My Netflix in NZ has visually changed with no settings different on my TV. (Android TV)
It's like the fps has been boosted and also sharpened. Things look too fluid now, like a home movie...
Anyone else noticed this?
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2021.12.04 04:55 kampage My Damn Nation Match Card Predictions

Allie cat Memorial Battle Royal Winner is No. 1 contender for championship of their choosing Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Adam Cole vs Cesaro vs Drew McIntyre vs El Generico vs Matt Hardy vs Orange Cassidy vs Samoa Joe vs Shinskue Nakamura Vindication Mitb Ladder Match Winner: Adam Cole
Jurassic Express vs Rated RKO vs The Usos(c) MDT world Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Tornado Tag Winners: Rated RKO
AJ Styles(c) vs Hangman Adam Page Revolutionary Championship Match Winner: AJ Styles
Cody Rhodes(c) vs Pete Dunne Iron man Championship iron man Match Winner: Cody Rhodes
Bruan and Kane vs The Young Bucks(c) Mdt Tag Team Championship Match Winners: Bruan And Kane
John Cena(c) vs Rob Van Dam MDT live Mitb briefcase on the Line Winner: Rob Van Dam
Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens(c) Extreme Championship Death Match Winner: Kevin Owens
Bray Wyatt and Alister Black vs The Undertaker 2 on 1 Handicap Match Winner: The Undertaker
Demon Finn Balor vs Kenny Omega(c) Elite Championship Match Adam Cole Cashes in Winner: Adam Cole
Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns(c) vs Seth Rollins Mdt Championship Shield Triple Threat Winner: Seth Rollins
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2021.12.04 04:55 leeannsakura The gangs all here 🥲

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2021.12.04 04:55 solvent_causis04 so.... has anyone else ever dressed up their cock in little clothes and played house?

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2021.12.04 04:55 BasLedeni Koliko ti treba novca da se penzionišeš?

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2021.12.04 04:55 SpareBack0 Litecoin Mining - How to mine Litecoin Guide

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2021.12.04 04:55 Dancing_Dragonade Phan Site: Request for the Phantom Thieves to pass judgment against this moron named [Insert generic name] he keeps littering IN THE STREETS of Tokyo. Who the heck does that? Also he says the Phantom Thieves suck.

Morgana: What do you think? Potential Target for Mementos?
View Poll
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2021.12.04 04:55 Maverick_Charles5121 Got the new Few UR on my JP account

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2021.12.04 04:55 mikemackpuxi Are we the most critical/unhappy players, as a group?

I've been winning Eve for a couple of years now after about seven years of playing and come here mainly out of nostalgia. I've never had any serious interest in other games and don't really have any feel for their fanbases or culture. Scarcity is and was obviously an idiocy that got the reception it deserved but I think it would be difficult to argue that the tone of the player base's comments (here and in other fora) about CCP have changed much from what one might have read on here two, five or eight years ago. So I'm wondering: is it us?
In other games' cultures/reddit groups/online discussions, is the tone typically similar to ours or are we just a more frustrated/nitpicky/angry group than others? Does every player base come to distrust the creators to the extent we do? Has CCPs behaviour been demonstrably worse, over the years, than other gaming companies? Is there something about Eve that attracts or retains people who won't stop doing something they would appear, from their public posts, to resent?
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2021.12.04 04:55 BorkleDork You can magically put yourself in any music video as a background character that isn't on screen much

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2021.12.04 04:55 derekamoss Mobile Service Manager adding crapware after system update

I'm on At&t and had a prompt for a system update. Everything went fine and after reboot it did the finishing system update in the notifications. When that was finished I got a pop up I've never seen saying mobile service manager installed and updated apps. Clicked it and the mobile system manager opened a window and should what it had updated. One was an at&t app but the other one was a game casino game I have never seen before. WTF..
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